5 Great Reasons To Rebrand

5 Great Reasons To Rebrand

5 Great Reasons To Rebrand

Posted by YellowCreative | 8th August 2017 | Blog, Branding
Rebrand Your Business in London


To interest new business and clients.

When it comes to revamping your company’s look, to rebrand is to throw a few new logs under the fire. A lot of companies encourage new business and opportunities, but miss the chances that come with a hot new rebrand strategy. Don’t be those guys. Not only does it show new clients how willing you are to adapt, it also shows them they’re moving to a company that is willing to grow. If design and business aren’t about staying fresh, we don’t know what is.

C’mon slow coach: move with the times.

Whether that’s new physical markers, typography trends, updated widgets or advances in printing, there’s one thing that you don’t want to be, and that’s the sucker at the back. When you need to rebrand your company, not only do you remind yourself of the up and coming design capabilities at hand, you need to make sure that your competitors aren’t steaming ahead. Missing a trick is pretty much missing business.

Support a whole host of company values with a new image.

A wise old fella once said that a rebrand can be ‘revolutionary’ or ‘evolutionary’ (nope, it sadly wasn’t us), so why not be both? If your business is moving, growing or developing, you want to make sure that first impressions go with it. Whether you fancy a new logo, you’re going the whole hog with a website redesign or simply a new colour palette, it’s important that any new facilities within your company are supported by the design.

Sadly, your brand is a bit boring.

Let’s be honest with each other here, if you’re getting bored with looking at the same ol’ design every day, your clients probably are too. The same widgets, the same buttons, the same typography and the same imagery getting you down? Feeling stale, deflated and outdated? It’s right about time to that you chose a creative design agency that can give your company’s look a bump in the right direction.

To make sure you keep up with the competition.

Time to stand out in the crowd? You go girl. With nearly 140,000 new websites alone generated daily, you don’t just have competition on your hands, you have competition on a daily basis. So how to stand out? When you rebrand your online/offline business, not only do you show the competition that you’re ready to take them on, you show that you understand what it takes to keep up with new designs, new concepts and new formats.

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