6 Great Design and Typography Events You Can’t Miss

6 Great Design and Typography Events You Can’t Miss

6 Great Design and Typography Events You Can’t Miss

Posted by YellowCreative | 9th August 2017 | Blog, Branding, Events, Typography

London is a hubbub of events from street food festivals down to ball-pit parties (no, really), but we know what you came here for, and that’s the good stuff: design and typography. From art showcases to talks with some of the industry bigwigs, check out our recommendations for the best design events in the city.

Design Frontiers: September

We had you at free design event didn’t we? That’s right Design Frontiers isn’t just a free design showcase in the city, it’s also held at the glorious Somerset House. From fashion down to digital, this collation of over 30 chosen designers promises a cool level of insight into the working process of some of the best in the business, all of which are know to challenge design ideas and push frontiers. Oh, and yeah, did we mention it’s free?

Franco Grignani: Art as Design: Ends 10th September 2017

He’s known for his ‘Woolmark’ logo and influenced a whole damn movement in the shape of ‘Op Art’, but Franco Grignani knew that his abstract, geometric art was more than just, well, art, it was the basis for advertising campaigns and design ideas the world over. Fancy getting familiar with his paintings, pieces and twisted creations? You’ve only got to head on over to the Esoterick Collection of Modern Art this September in London.

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?: Until January 2018

Last night a DJ saved your life, now it’s going to be graphic design. One of the coolest design events in London this year, ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’ is all about showcasing work that communicates healthcare messages to the public. From flashing pharmacy neons down to hard-hitting medical posters of days gone by, head on over for typography inspiration, get familiar with the styles of the 20th century and have yourself a good old mooch.

Designers Fiesta 2017: September

Design workshops, classes, informative talks and then some; if you want it, Designers Fiesta 2017 has it got it. Found at Hackney Picturehouse this September in London, this event is all about expanding your design know-how alongside industry professionals and over 300 creatives in a whirlwind of ideas and brainstorming. If you’re not going to learn it here, we’re not quite sure you’ll learn it anywhere else.

Experience Haus: A Conversation About Design: November

We need to talk… ABOUT DESIGN. If you fancy having your ears chewed off this November, then this London design event is for you. Headed to the Impact Hub in Kings Cross, Experience Haus is promising talks and workshops that cover a broad selection of topics in the business from UX and product marketing to branding. The perfect networking event to boot, get your design fill here.

Collaborate: Design To The Power Of Two: October

It takes two baby, or at least this graphic design event in London seems to think so. All about the art of collaboration within the industry, ‘Design To The Power of Two’ is an evening lecture this October that focuses on three pairs of renowned collaborators who are due to share a whole heap of knowledge from what they learnt designing and editing together. Expect names the likes of Kelvyn Smith and Paul Barnes.

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