Featured Designer Of The Month: Olimpia Zagnoli

Featured Designer Of The Month: Olimpia Zagnoli

Featured Designer Of The Month: Olimpia Zagnoli

Posted by YellowCreative | 23rd August 2017 | Blog, Illustration

Looking for a little design inspiration? This month it comes in the shape of Milano born Olimpia Zagnoli. On the bolder end of the design spectrum, Olimpia is here for thick lines, curved edges and a clean palette that plays, not obeys colour. Inspired by the likes of Bruno Munari and Paul Rand, Olimpia’s work is silly, frivolous and unapologetic, perfect for those after fun design ideas not bound by many rules. It’s not just lines that make up the work of OZ, there’s an affirmed colour palette to boot. Throwing purple in a hue of garish blue? Frankly my dear, Olimpia doesn’t give a damn, staying upfront and appetising throughout.

Her pops of colour have not only been strewn across the likes of The New Yorker and The New York Times, Olimpia’s a player all the way from Fendi to Apartamento Magazine and The Guggenheim Museum. And even though her work is, for want of a better work, cheeky, her pieces have stretched all the way from the independent into the commercial design space, proving that event hardened businesses can learn from loosening up a little, giving their users and viewers something to eat right up.

Olimpia’s not bound by online and digital design either, coughing up a line of objects alongside her father in their
‘Clodimoro’ series; you’re looking at a collection of plates, shirts and scarves that echo her easy-to-access style.

Why we made her a featured designer¬†of the month? Just look at her pieces, we don’t think she gave us much of a choice. We also think Olimpia’s a great example of how fast design can be effective design, and you bet, we could learn a little something from her too.

Check back on the blog in September where we’ll be looking at another must-see name on the design scene.

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