Featured Designer of the Month: Quentin Monge

Featured Designer of the Month: Quentin Monge

Featured Designer of the Month: Quentin Monge

Posted by YellowCreative | 20th September 2017 | Blog, Illustration

Through his minimalist characters and beautifully composed patterns, Quentin captures a world of bikini-clad women riding crocodiles, surfers in harmony with sharks, and gardens of crisp and juicy watermelon.

designer of the month quentin monge

If you haven’t used Handsome Frank for a little design inspiration before, we’re about to let you in on quite the secret: it’s not just a website, it’s a bloody goldmine. Home to more design ideas that you’ve had hot dinners, tea, overdraft fees and hangovers combined, we love it as a platform for creativity, and we couldn’t have found our featured designer of the month without a scroll through it.

Coming at you with the work of Quentin Monge, this month’s inspiration is for free spirited designers and brands that want to loosen up their look a little. Born in the south of France, Quentin is one of the most fun design names that we’ve come across to date (hanging by the beach as kid will do that to you). From his fluid characters and smack in the mouth colours to his whimsical settings, his time spent on the sands draws clear inspiration in his work, introducing natural charm to almost every piece of design.

How can Quentin’s design inspire you? 

Currently found in Paris (owing to his cosmopolitan yet cool edge), Quentin has not only been found designing for the likes of Airbnb, Barclays and Glamour, his love for mixed media and liberating palette means that his work in advertising is fresh, it’s inviting, and it gives solid brand names a leg to stand on when it comes to cool, independent designers. If you’re looking to add a little vitality to any ad campaigns or simply looking for a cooler design crusade, look to a designer the likes of Quentin Monge for something a little more stand-out and interesting.

A quote from Quentin’s Handsome Frank bio: “Through his minimalist characters and beautifully composed patterns, Quentin captures a world of bikini-clad women riding crocodiles, surfers in harmony with sharks, and gardens of crisp and juicy watermelon.”

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