5 Website Design Trends We Hope To See in 2018

5 Website Design Trends We Hope To See in 2018

5 Website Design Trends We Hope To See in 2018

Posted by YellowCreative | 18th October 2017 | Blog, Branding, Designing, Fonts, Typography, Website
5 Website Design Trends We Hope To See in 2018

There’s plenty of articles about website design trends, plenty, but we like to think we know a little something about what’s coming up, especially being in the goddamn business ourselves. While many of these trends might sound like they’re on repeat, we’re not going to break what’s looking to stay fixed. Here are our 5 favourites for what’s coming up in design:

Minimal and Modular Design (yes, we know)

You might switch off now, as we’ve all heard of modular design trends before, but there’s still plenty of ways to go when it comes to minimal websites. Now the sexiest website trend and sure to surge with popularity as bulky websites are replaced with simple interfaces, these designs aren’t just here to stay, they’re managing to thrive. Think of websites the likes of Dazed, their new layout isn’t much dissimilar to their old one, but the minimalism is all geared to interaction.

Responsive Vector Graphics

You’re grown up and you’re independent, but are you resolution independent? That’s right, RVG’s are surging in popularity, and they’re due to peak in 2018. Animated, easily editable and XML based, these aren’t only manipulated for any screen and device, they’re practically NECESSARY for any screen and device.

Louder Colours

You’ve had your Scandi chic, your muted tones and your basic colour palate, but we say that enough is enough. While websites are due to move ever modular, who says colour has to bulk out in such basic style? Boasting a colour that echoes your company isn’t just important, it’s integral to standing out, and we want these to get brighter. Forget your black and white ethos and your grey garbling, let’s aim for bite-your-tongue-blues and yellow tones that don’t let your brand have the chance to be ignored.

A Further Move To Bolder Logos

You only have to the look at the app palette on your phones to see the shift in logos as of recent. While logos used to be hardy, busy and robust, there’s a new kind of robust that’s happening with logos that relies on popping colour and typography rather than your core company name. We’re happy to see these continue in 2018 as they’re fun, require a lot more imagination and can really make a brand stand out.

Design For Content

This blog is all about web design trends, but there’s one thing we’re looking forward when it comes to 2018, and that’s a bid for content design. While normally the emphasis is on the design of the site itself, the main aim for companies these days is interaction with content, and that’s due to become more design focused than ever. Think bigger than just mere infographics, think mixed media and actionable content. That’s right, you and the content team are about to get more cuddly than ever.

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